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Finders Keepers Stunt Double-Claire Stunt Coordinator: Sean "Speedy" Christopher
The Hunger Games: Catching Fire Stunt Performer/MoCap Movement Artist Stunt Coordinator: Chad Stahelski
Sid the Science Kid, 3D Sid Director: Kirk Thatcher
Insanitarium Rosie / Stunt Actor Sony Pictures
Charlie Wilson's War Stunt Performer Good Time Charlie
Rails & Ties Stunt Double Malpaso Prod.
Altered Principle Role Haxan Films
Monster House Stunt Performer Columbia Pictures
Room 6 Demon / Stunt Actor Haunted Hospital Prod.
Van Helsing Stunt Performer Universal
The Country Bears Beary Barrington / Principal Role Walt Disney Pictures
Bedazzled Stunt Performer 20th Century Fox
Three Kings Stunt Double T.K. Productions
Practical Magic Stunt Double Warner Bros.
Instinct Gorilla Artist / Supporting Role Touchstone
Men In White Stunt Performer Teen Dream
Casper Meets Wendy Stunt Double Harvey Entertainment
Jingle All The Way Stunt Performer for Hillary Duff 20th Century Fox
Casper: A Spirited Beginning Stunt Double Harvey Entertainment
Congo "Amy" the Gorilla / Principal Role Paramount
Jim Henson's Creature Shop Challenge Creature Performer, Episode 101, "What Lies Beneath" Creature Contest Productions
Castle Gorilla Performer Director: Jonathan Frakes
Sid the Science Kid Season 3 Sid Directors: Brian Henson, Hugh Martin, Katy Garretson, Kirk Thatcher
Zippertown Zoo Test Pilot Franny/MoCap Character Director: Bret Nelson
Wilson & Ditch Seasons 1,2 & 3 Ditch Director: Bret Nelson
Dollhouse Stunt Double- Episode #2APK01 Stunt Coordinator- Mike Massa
Havoc! Kahn / Supporting MoCap Artist Fox Television
Sid the Science Kid Sid / Lead Motion Capture Artist Jim Henson Co.
The Miracle of Domatina Stunt Double Hallmark
America's Most Wanted Stunt Double Fox Television
Help Me Help You Stunt Performer Regency Television
Jimmy Kimmel Live! Naomi Campbell’s maid / Stunt Actor Haunted Hospital Prod.
Criminal Minds Stunt Double Touchstone Television
Boston Legal Stunt Double for Meredith Eaton David E. Kelley Prod.
What’s The Big Idea Josh / Lead Motion Capture Artist Jim Henson Co.
T.J. Bearytales T.J. / Lead Motion Capture Artist Tadpole Prod.
Muppet Babies Test Baby Gonzo / Motion Capture Artist Jim Henson Co.
Invasion Stunt Double Touchstone
C.S.I. Miami Stunt Double CBS Entertainment
Prodigal Son Stunt Double Stu Segal Production
It’s a Miracle Drowning Child / Stunts Pax Television
Sliders An Angel / Stunt Double 20th Century Fox
L.A. Firefighters Stunt Double Fox Television
Rescue 911 Drowning Child / Stunt Double CBS Entertainment
FEMA Stench Director: Simon Cole, Production Comp. HSI
HTC with Robert Downey Jr. Hipster Troll Director: Bryan Buckley, Hungry Man Productions
Allstate Insurance Community Center Patron Leo Burnett Usa
Target- Kid Avengers The Hulk Director: Wayne McClammy, Hungry Man Productions
Honda Teeny the Monster- "She's All Monster" Director: Guy Shelmerdine, Smuggler Productions
AT&T One of the Three Little Pigs Biscuit Filmworks
Walgreens The Walgreens Snowman Downtown Partners
Microsoft The Twitter Icon Crispin, Porter & Bogusky
Wanchai Ferry The Panda Bear Biscuit Filmworks
AT&T Christmas Spot Snowballs the Snowman Harvest Prod.
Panda Express The Panda Japanese Monster
Grape Nuts Momma Bear @Radical Media
Knorr Commercial Campaign “Norman” the Panda Bear Smith & Jones
Tohato Caramel Corn Caramel Corn Suit Performer Cohn & Comp. West
CVS Pharmacy Dancing Pill Capsule Tate and Partners
Snapple The 3 Panda bears Moxie Pictures
The Nutcracker, 2013 Dancer: the maid, Snow, Russian Daurden Performing Arts Collective, Artistic Director-Cassandra Daurden
Hershey's Great Chocolate Adventure Reese Director: Kirk Thatcher
The Santa Clause 2 Minnie Mouse El Capitan
Summer Play Festival Lead / Supporting Actor Cypress College
Tournament of Roses Parade Thing #2 Universal Studios
A Very Merry Christmas Parade Minnie Mouse Disneyland Park
The Lion King Parade Pole Climber Disneyland Park
Cruisin' The Kingdom Cavalcade Daisy Duck Disneyland Park
Fantasmic! Dancing Monkey / Donald Duck /
Minnie Mouse / Mickey Mouse
Disneyland Park

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