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Hello and welcome to my website!

This site will showcase the many and varied types of performance experience and skills I have developed as an artist. I am an actor and athlete with specialities in motion capture, stunts, gorilla suit and other costume work. I am also a singer/songwriter currently recording a series of original compositions. My career path has already included some most unusual and interesting milestones, and I am excited to share them with you. So, I hope you enjoy the site and thank you very much for stopping by to take a look!



It's official! The critics love CIRCUS OF LOVE!

The show opened last Saturday night. Tickets are available for the upcoming performances:

Saturday, June 16th at 9p.m.
Saturday, June 23rd at7p.m.


“It was wonderful to see all of these relationships represented on stage through stunning dance and choreography from excellent professional dancers in a gem of a theatre, the Assistance League of Los Angeles!”

“Dance and aerial vignettes representing Love is… Blind, Bold, Gay, Trans, Inter-racial, Straight, Fleeting, Unrequited, Abusive, Fun.”

"Dance Baby Dance," will be premiering January 20th at Arena Cinelounge Hollywood!

For tickets go to: arenascreen.com

Misty's song, "I Don't Want To Tell You," written in loving memory of her Dad, is featured throughout the movie. She choreographed and dances her solo performance to the song in the movie too! This production gave her her first music sync license! The song is available on her debut album release, " LIFE LESSONS LOVE."

Misty is opening for Air Supply at The Rose in Pasadena, CA.

I have been an Air Supply fan since I was 8 years old! I've been inspired by their sound, Graham's songwriting, and of course Russell's voice! So as an upcoming artist, this gig is literally my biggest dream come true! I would love to see you at the show!!!! Tickets are $79.00.

Friday, October 6th at 8:00
Contact @MistyRosasMusic to buy tickets!

Download Flyer

It's Official!

Mist is now a professional, paid singer, songwriter. She just signed her first song licensing agreement; registered her album with BMI; and her song, "I Don't Want To Tell You" is going to be featured in the upcoming movie release, "Dance Baby Dance."

LET GO Music Video Shoot

The LET GO music video shoot went great! The video is in editing now, and the album is currently being mixed in New York by one of the best mixers in the business! MISTY'S ALBUM AND THE MUSIC VIDEOS FOR HOT! AND LET GO WILL BE LAUNCHING ON iTunes VERY SOON! STAY TUNED!

The New Hope Film Festival

Misty's award winning music video, Panic Button, has been officially selected to screen at The New Hope Film Festival on Saturday, August 1st at the Stephen J. Buck Memorial Theater. The 'All In Time' Music Show is from 12:30P.M. - 2:45P.M.

People's Choice Telly Award Winner!

Panic Button won the 2015 People's Choice Telly Award for Best Online Video, so we're 2 time Telly Award winners!

The California Women's Film Festival

Misty's music video, Panic Button is an official selection at this year's film festival. She will be there Saturday afternoon. The screening for Panic Button is at 12 noon in Block #1. Hope to see you there!


Music Videos

Saturday, March 15th I proudly launched 3 music videos showcasing 3 of my original songs! The video links are below:

Panic Button Music Video

"Tell Me" Music Video shot at the Edge Performing Arts Center

"Only Love Is Forever" Music Video

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