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Cue the band and welcome to my music! With the genius and guidance from my two Pauls, I am putting the final touches on my first all new original CD. Here are some samples. I'm about to add clips from two additional songs we've just recorded, so check back soon to hear more.

My songs are the soundtrack of my life. They are the expression of my experiences and how those experiences have shaped my path as an artist and as a woman. From the strong-willed perseverance of "Rag Doll", to a loving farewell in "I Don't Want To Tell You", written for my father Carlos Sr., my songs reflect my optimism for life. Oh, and “Hot” is my celebration of the thing I love to do as much I love to sing, to dance! Live, on stage, with all the juices flowing. When I’m dancing, I’m flying, and when I’m dancing to my music, I soar even higher. Enjoy!


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